What Is GypsyRose Boutique?







GypsyRose is located in the ❤ of Downtown Hays, and is the stylish boutique of it's sister salon and spa; Rock Haven Spa and Salon Ten O Seven.
All 3 of our destinations offer quality, artistic beauty, and superior Service.  At Rock Haven Spa, you can indulge in luxury spa services, while at Salon Ten O Seven hair and nails get the latest treatments in fashion and beauty.  GypsyRose is where new boutique styles arrive constantly!  We have a modern boho feel with a little vintage gypsy flair!  Dresses, blouses, jewelry and fun and fashionable handbags are always available from GypsyRose Boutique, and we have an added resale collection too!  Gently Loved apparel is accepted from consignors locally and across the state.
Do you have a slight shopping obsession?  While we may not have the cure, we do have the recovery program!  Bring in your gently used prior boutique fashions and when they sell, you get a little extra $ to update your current closet!  And when you grow tired of those, we're still here for you!  Many of our consignors keep coming back as the seasons change.  And with our inventory constantly changing, GypsyRose offers something new for guests all the time!  

Our passion for the arts overflows, from our decor into unique pieces of art available for sale.  We are proud to host local artists and their original works of art, all for purchase. 

All 3 of our locations are closely knit, and one of the added benefits, is being able to use our gift cards at any of our locations!  1 Gift Card  - 3 Unique Locations!

❤  Thank you for being our valued guest at Rock Haven Spa, Salon Ten O Seven, and GypsyRose  ❤