Consign With Us


Consigning is a great way to go through the fabulous clothes you don't wear, make room for trendy new fashions, and make a little extra cash to boot!  Resale is also a huge way to recycle and to keep clothing items out of the landfill (up to 80% of used clothing ends up there every YEAR!).  Sort through your closet and assess your inventory!  When you know you have some items you'd like to resell, call us to make an appointment.  Right now we take consignment appointments on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons and on Fridays by request.  When you call us to make your appointment, we can also tell you what we are currently taking and needing!  Think seasonal, since consignment stays in our store for 60 days.  Bring all of your clothes and accessories to your appointment at GypsyRose and we will go over all your items and pricing together!


  • Women’s clothing, such as blouses, jeans, sweaters, jackets, etc.  We also take handbags and some accessory items depending on the season.
  • All sizes!  We love be to able to offer our guests a variety of clothing sizes so we gladly accept anything from 00 to Plus size clothing.
  • Items must be in good, clean condition, ready for viewing (No rips, stains, tears or missing buttons/pieces)
  • Items should still be in current fashion and what shoppers have come to expect from GypsyRose. 
  • Clothing must be clean, fresh, and ready-to-wear


We strive to give our clients gorgeous and stylish, brand name items at a discounted price.  Gently used items will be marked approximately 50-70% of the MSRP (depending on the item, it's condition, current style, etc.)

By taking items on consignment and offering you a percentage of the sale vs. a flat out cash offer, we are able to give YOU more!  If the items you bring to us do not sell after their 60 days, they are returned back to you, or donated if you don't wish to have them back.  GypsyRose works with many local organizations and charities to donate used clothing! 

We price the item for 30 days, then after 30 days it is marked down 25% for another 30 days.  We call it "Love Me or Leave Me"... to inspire guests who might be watching an item or to entice those bargain shoppers!  If you do not wish to discount your items the 25% you are responsible for picking up your items after 30 days.  After the full 60 days the items will leave the store.  If you do not wish to pick them up, simple let us know and we will donated the items to local charities!  Please pick up your items within a week of your pick up date (some exceptions). 


When GypsyRose sells one of your items, you profit as well!  You will receive a percentage of the sale at the end of the month is sells. 

Our goal is to create lasting relationships with our consignors!  Many of our consignors come back to us month to month with additional seasonal items, ready to spruce up their closets with trendy new fashions!  We like to say that we understand "shopahol-ism".  It is a condition that many of us suffer from.  And while we may not have the cure, we do have the recovery program!  Sell to us, make a little extra money with us, shop with us, and keep the cycle going!